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Canadian Education is of the highest quality and competitive. The tuition fees to study in Canada are more affordable for Indians as compared to other study abroad destinations. Most of the students prefer to pursue their higher education in Canada as it is home to a bunch of top-rated universities and colleges. We can also help you with all the processes of migration and will provide you with the best career consultant in Canada which will further leads to Permanent residency in the country. The very first thing you need to have is Canada study permit if you want to study there.

What is a Canadian study permit?

The Canadian immigration authorities will issue study permits to eligible international students. While holding a study permit, you are allow to stay for the duration of your course and a bone of 90 days, in which you can prepare to leave the country or extend your stay.

A study permit is different from a visa and you need to have a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization. Once your study permit is authorize, the visa authorities will provide you with visitor visa or electronic authorization to enter the country. 

The permit cost

Average permit processing fee is CAD 150. The fee for the bio-metric and other l third-party tests like medical tests are then add in the primary processing fee.

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How to apply for a permit?

It is highly advise to apply for your permit to study in Canada as soon as you receive your course offer letter. Things will run smoothly if you will prepare and organize all  your documents before hand. But, sometimes there can be delays in the ongoing process, and it can even take up to 3 months or so to obtain your study permit.

You can give yourself time to solve the issues that might come up during the process. To help you prepare everything you need to complete for the permit application process, we have provide a step-by-step guide below for better understanding. 

1. Formalize your Canadian university application

The first step after applying for a Canadian study permit is confirming your application acceptance at a Canadian university.

You will need a firm acceptance as well as an acceptance letter, to begin your Canadian student visa application. 

 2. Check whether you need a Canadian student visa/permit 

Most of the time students need a Canadian student visa for their stay in the country while studying. However, there are a few exemptions for the following reasons. 

  • – Anyone who has completed their course in six months or less.
  • -Below 18 or 19 years old.
  • -If you’re one of the members of the armed forces on active duty whilst studying.
  • -Family member of an official foreign representative of the country, Canada.

If you want to double-check your permit requirements to enter Canada, you can use the official government tool to find out whether you need a study permit to study in the country.

3. Start your Canadian student permit application

In Canada, student visa is also know as “study permit”. Only the permit doesn’t allow you to enter Canada. As well as your permit, you’ll also need a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization to enter the country legally.

Once your university application is  final you can start on your permit application. 

Firstly, you should start your online application for your desired course after the university accept your application. You can go ahead in the process . All permit applications when are complete by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website online.

Make sure you have all of the following documents, as the process will go smoothly if the required information is provided.

  • -A letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) will be issue. 
  • -Identity Proof- A valid passport or travel document, along with two passport-size photos.
  • -Proof of financial support- You must prove you’ve enough money to support yourself and any family members in Canada. This includes student loans, bank statements and official letters from sponsors. In addition to the tuition fees, you’ll need a minimum of 10,000 Canadian dollars per year to fulfill your living expenses.
  • -Letter of explanation- This is like a personal statement, to understand why you want to study in Canada to the authorities.This document also shows that you understand your responsibilities as a student.

4. Know what Canadian student visa due fees are 

At present, the Canadian student visa application fee is 150 Canadian Dollars. However, you might have to pay additional fees for medical exams, bio-metrics data collection(TOEFL) and language tests(PTE Academic and IELTS Academic).

5. International students requirements for Canadian student visa 

It’s important to understand the responsibilities of international students. These are necessary for maintaining your study permit and may become an essential part of the interview process.

Some of the important requirements to keep in mind whilst studying in Canada.

  • -Always maintain your enrollment at your selected institution of study.
  • -Make regular progress toward completing your course.
  • -Respect all the conditions of your study permit. 
  • -Leave Canada when your study permit expires. It is usually only valid for the duration of your studies period + 90 days. 

6. The Canadian student visa process: Interviews and bio-metrics

Once you fill your online application form and submit the associated documents, you are eligible to book an appointment at the Canadian visa application center in your country. 

Here,they will take your bio-metrics data which will  include fingerprints and official photos. The standard bio-metrics fee is 85 Canadian dollars and it is not in the regular Canadian student visa fee of $150.

In the continuation of this process, you might also have an interview with a Canadian immigration official. The interview is organize only to show that you are a genuine student and it will help you to describe your responsibilities in the country.

Before giving the interview just make sure that  you have practiced. You can go through your application before the interview once just to recollect the information you entered.

7. Apply through the Student Direct Stream

The Canadian student visa process can take up to a minimum 90 days. If you are a resident of certain countries(Brazil, China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam). You can speed up your application through the Student Direct Stream which usually takes around 20 days.

Once your Canadian student visa is approve, you will receive a confirmation Email. If you had applied from outside Canada, then a “port of entry letter of introduction” will be sent. Which will show that you are allow to study in Canada. After landing in Canada, you will show this to border services, along with your visitor visa or electronic travel authorization.


Keep checking -Before, during and after your application that you have the following documents available. They are essential documents for the application process to run smoothly and to help you enter Canada. The application process will be very smooth and you can focus more on your dreams. 

  • -Proof of acceptance- A confirmation letter from the university you have applied to.
  • -Identity Proof- A valid passport, two passport size photos (Name and DOB both written behind the photographs.)
  • -Proof of funds- You need to prove that you can support yourself financially throughout your selected course. You can do this by providing your bank statements, education loan documents or a letter from the university in case you have a scholarship.
  • -Letter of explanation- In this letter, try to explain best why you want to study in Canada and your understanding of the responsibilities towards the country.
  • -Immigration Medical Examination- You need to submit a Medical examination report based on your home country. If asked, you have to get yourself test by a list of doctor’s. After which  the doctor will forward the reports to Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC).