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The competition among a good career is becoming more globalized as compared to earlier, as many MNC’s recruit candidates with high qualification from an internationally recognized institute. Canada is one of the top countries that meets the quality control standard in education and also provides an internationally recognized degree. Canadian universities are considered among one of the best universities having assiduous quality control and high academic standards in education. The certification diploma or degree offered by the Canadian universities are globally recognized.

Its position high in numerous worldwide standard valuation for education and entrepreneurship. Canada not only provides internationally recognized qualifications in a safe and friendly environment but also valuable work experience.Learn about study licenses, visa programs, and packages, and start studying in Canada in a highly reputed and friendly environment.

Why Study in Canada

Canada tables a number of higher education opportunities for international students. It is one of the best countries to pursue graduate and post-graduate courses and the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Promising career options: International students can easily obtain a part-time job on-campus and off-campus. And if a student wishes to work for longer hours than a work permit is required. Canada also offers a 2-year stay in for work after the end of the qualification.
  • Internationally recognized qualification:The Canadian universities offer an internationally recognized qualification to their students.
  • Benignant and friendly environment: The Canadian universities offer an internationally recognized qualification to their students. The universities' student and faculty are kind and friendly.
  • Offers pragmatic learning: The courses offered by the Canadian universities impart practical knowledge related to the program opted which helps in in-job-training, classroom learning, and placements. Proffer scholarships: There are a number of higher education scholarships that students can apply and easily qualify to obtain a significant source of funding and study at a fraction of their tuition fees.


Levels of Study in Canada


The Canadian universities degrees have three levels - Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degrees. Canada comprises of 92 universities and 175 community colleges offering all different levels of degrees for local and international students. Canadian universities also offer one and two-year diploma courses. The level of study proffer in Canada are briefly described below:

  • Diploma and certifications: Canadian universities are also offering many diplomas and certification programs of time duration one to two-years.
  • Undergraduate courses - Bachelor’ degree(three to five years): The basic eligibility for opting in the undergraduate course is the completion of the secondary school program. Three to five years of full-time education is involved in a Bachelor’ degree in Canada whether it is simple or specialized.
  • Postgraduate courses - Masters’ degree ( two years)/ Doctoral degree: Having a bachelor’s degree is a basic requirement for admission in any post graduation course. And for the Ph.D. basic requirement is a masters’ degree. At least a bachelor’ degree of three years and a masters degree of two years or its equivalent is basically required for applying for a Ph.D.

Better Future Career Prospects in Canada

After completion of the qualifications in Canada, a former student granted up to 3 years of work permit. In the specified time the candidate must obtain a permanent job as per the qualification for extension of visa. Canadian universities have promising career options on-campus or off-campus and also has numerous links worldwide. Once a student accomplishes the education program in Canada, there are many get-at-able choices for an international student like:

  • Arrival at the home country after completion of the qualification program with an esteemed degree of the Canadian university.
  • Pursue higher education
  • Garner work knowledge in Canada.

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Our streamlined admission process ensures that your path to academic excellence is smooth and hassle-free. Ensure comprehensive and accurate details. Settle application fees using your preferred method. With our efficient system, you can confidently embark on your academic journey.



As a guarantee of financial stability throughout their Canadian study journey, eligible candidates are required to procure a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) to meet their living and educational expenses for the entire program duration.

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