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You should know about the point system of Australia if you are deciding to migrate as a Permanent Resident. What is the point-based system of Australia immigration? Let’s try to understand how the permanent residency Australia points calculator works. Permanent migration is a regulated process. Every year, Australia issues around 190,000 permanent visas. Skilled applicants are on top of the list to offer Australian PR visas. 

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These Permanent Residency visas have two broad category including Independent Skills Visas and Employer-Sponsored visas. You can go for Independent Skills Visas if you don’t have an employer to sponsor you. It is not possible to apply directly for an independent skilled visa. You have to apply online under the Skill Select system. You will rank based on personal information like age, education, and work experience provided by you. If you have English language proficiency then you can also claim extra points. 

What are occupation
skills for Australia?

To meet the skill shortage, Australia is having a summary for all the occupations and makes a list that is know as the skill occupation list. You can check the list and apply online if you have a skill that is in demand in Australia. The Skill Select system is design for skilled people to apply for permanent skilled visas. They will invite or not depending on your score. A higher score increases the chance of getting a permanent residency visa. 

How do these points test work for Australian skilled migration?

Each type of visa has its minimum points score to pass. You need to get a minimum pass mark to lodge an application for an independent skills migration visa. For the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189), you must score at least 65 or more points. 

The Department of Home Affairs has an online Australian PR points calculator that considers a few different personal factors: 

  • Age
  • Employment experience
  • English proficiency 
  • educational qualifications 
  • community language qualifications 
  • the skills of your partner 
  • You can also get extra points if someone sponsor you by a state or territory government agency to apply for a visa.

For Australian immigration IELTS, the English proficiency test is recognize. Getting support from Zodiac Immigration and Career Consultant to apply for any type of visa for Australia.