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Would you like to live and work in Australia indefinitely? If yes, then you need to follow some steps. There are different steps to follow to get Australian permanent residency status.

Step-1- Select the right visa for you

Australia offers more than 40 Australian migrant visas that allow immigrants to work and live in Australia permanently. Some popular migrant visa categories are family-based permanent residency, work-based permanent residency for employer-sponsored workers, general skilled migration and skill select and New Zealand visa. The doctors and nurses can also apply for permanent residency but only on a need basis. 

Step 2- Check if you meet the visa requirements

After deciding on the correct visa for you as per your profile, you need to look over the requirements to apply. It is important to know whether you are eligible for the visa for which you are applying. It can be time-consuming and expensive if you apply for the wrong visa. The website of the department of home affairs will provide you detailed information about eligibility criteria. 

Step 3- Apply for an Australian Migrant Visa

Apply for an Australian migrant visa after confirming you meet all the eligibility criteria. Just download the visa application from the DHA website or can apply online. You also need to submit supporting documents and an application fee. You should make sure the application is complete before you upload it. 

Step 4- Wait for a decision

After applying, the next step is waiting. It may take several weeks or several months for application approval.

Step 5- Get your visa!

After visa application approval, you will get your migrant visa to live and work permanently in Australia. If everything will be Ok, you may soon be eligible for citizenship. You are allowed to stay for maximum five years time period if you have this visa. You can enter and leave Australia freely through your visa validation. 

Australian permanent residency has several benefits including the Right to work, right to apply for citizenship, right to public education, right to sponsor relatives to immigrate to Australia and right to travel freely between Australia and New Zealand without a visa.