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Australia is a continent and country as well. Australia is known as one of the most promising countries in the whole world to live in. Thousands of people are moving to Australian immigration every year to work, study, tour or to live there permanently. Zodiac Group is a well-known registered migration agent in Adelaide, Australia who helps clients that how to migrate to Australia.

The country has a very strong reputation as it provides a premium standard of living and not just that it is characterized by its political stability, pulsating economy and many more. Australia is famous for its natural beauty among many.

Types of Migration Visa for Australia:

      Skilled Migration Visa

      Family Migration Visa

      Business Migration Visa

      Student OR Temporary Graduate Visa

    Work Visa

Skilled Migration Visa

The Skill Migration Visa will include individuals who have skills that are require and are in shortage in various parts of Australia. These required skill changes from time to time on the basis of what the Australian economy needs. These skill lists have 3 categories:

  Long Term Strategic Skills List

  Short Term Skilled Occupation List

  Regional Occupation List

With this Visa, you can live and work in Australia as per the type of your Application. If you will applied for an independent visa, you can live and work anywhere you want in Australia, but if  you will apply for State/Regionally Sponsored then you must live and work in that particular state OR region of Australia for a specified duration of time.

Family Migration

If you want to migrate for permanent residence in Australia, any Family member who is an Australian Citizen, having Australia PR or a New Zealand Resident, they can sponsor you.

We know it’s really hard for families to be apart. We will help you to identify the right information about the visa type and all the necessary paperwork to submit by you so that you can get your visa in the shortest time possible.

Business Migration

Australia has a strong economy, which is one of the main reasons that it is a highly attractive investment destination. If you are a high net worth Businessman or part of a venture firm and are looking for the right place to invest then Australia is the place for you my friend.

If you are looking forward to starting a business or want to invest in Australia, you have to be eligible to apply for the Business Migration Visa. An Australian Business Skills Visa might be the right option for you. Once you have done with the process of setting up your business then you can easily apply for Australian PR.

Student OR Temporary Graduate Visa

Education in Australia is both rewarding as well as flexible at the same time. Australia provides safe, quality and complete educational experience are reasons to study in Australia. It offers abundant internship opportunities to its students in different categories which make them experts in their fields of work.

There are several student visa options that you could consider to study in Australia. Our services cover the entire visa application process and the paperwork. If you are having a Student Visa and want your spouse to join you in Australia, we can help with that too by providing the right information. After you complete your education, you are eligible for a work visa.

Work Visa

Visa for working in Australia is one step closer to the Permanent Residency (PR).

There are a number of ways you can visit Australia and work on a visa. Some include employer sponsored visas OR you can apply by yourself as well.

It’s a 4 Step Process for Immigration Visas

1.            Skill Assessment

 You can select the skills while applying for a skilled migration visa and after study work visa. You need to have a relevant assessing authority, if there is the need for skill assessment as part of your visa application. The Assessing authority will guide you with the process and necessary information regarding the skill assessment and the forms that are need to be filled.

2.            Nomination State

 If the state sponsorship is applicable to your visa application. It will be consider for the feather process.

3.            Interest Expression

You need to express your interest in a visa application for a category. The Australian Immigration Department (Department of Immigration as well as Border Protection) then will invite you to lodge a visa application.

4.            Visa Lodgment

 You can now apply for a visa in Immigration office.