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General Skilled Migration


The General Skilled Migration Visa to Australia is a PR Visa, which is issued by the Australian government and sanctions qualified foreign nationals to live for a long time or indefinitely legally. A candidate could apply for the visas of their eligible family members who accompany them to live, work, and study legally and long-term in the country. A GSM visa is specifically issued to individuals with special skills who want to settle down in Australia. As long as they fulfill the terms of the visa, the GSM Worker Visa allows the applicant to live, work, and study in Australia for a long period of time. General skilled migration is a Permanent Resident Visa, which allows holders to stay in Australia indefinitely (i.e., permanently).

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Categories Of GSM

Skilled Independent visa

The Skilled Independent GSM Visa to Australia is envisioned for eligible candidates who are not sponsored. The skilled foreign workers, who were not sponsored by a State, Territory, employer or family member in Australia, are allowed to live and work for a long period in the country. Subclass 189 Australian visa makes you and your family members live and work long-term anywhere in Australia. You or your eligible family members attend educational programs in Australia and have access to social security payments with following a waiting period.

Skilled Independent visa is intended for immigrants planning to settle in Australia enduringly. Candidate need to score minimum 65 in Skill Select program to be eligible for this visa. You must be below 45 years of age and proof required skill for the job applied for in Australia.


Skilled Regional sponsored visa

Skilled A regional sponsored visa is a points-based visa for skilled employees who are nominated by a state or territory to live in Australia. The applicant must be sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area in Australia legally or be nominated by the territorial or state government. GSM Subclass 489 is a provisional visa for a period of two years for immigrants, rewarding the essential professional pre-requisites for employment, yet he or she is unable to secure 65 marks in the Skill Select assessment. This visa holder should live and work in a specified regional area only. Additionally,the upper age limit for this class of applicants is 45 years.

Skilled Nominated visa

A skilled nominated visa is issued to capable, experienced foreign employees who have been sponsored (nominated) by an Australian state or territory. Under this visa convenience, you and your eligible family members will be allowed to live and work permanently in Australia with the condition to stay at least two years in the state or territory that sponsored (nominated) you and your family. In some cases, if the candidate wants to move to a different address, he or she must notify the relevant state or territory administrators. The applicant must score the minimum of 65 requisite marks to apply for this visa. Furthermore, other entitlements are also included with the eligibility to live and work permanently. You must be under 45 years of age and prove the required skill for the job you applied for in Australia.


Temporary Business Long Stay Work Visa


Temporary Business long stay visa is for employers who would like to employ overseas workers. And applicant would like to fill nominated skilled positions in Australia for their organization. Here Employers can be an Australian business or overseas business. This visa allows employers to employ overseas workers for a period of between one day and four years in Australia. Subclass 457 visa applications generally involve three stages of processing which is sponsorship, nomination and visa application for an employee. Besides employer is responsible for applying to be a business sponsor and for nominating the position to be filled by an overseas employee. These sponsorship, nomination and visa applications may be made either separately or together as per conditions. Temporary business work visa is the most popular way of immigrating to Australia.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

Work and stay in Australia with this permanent resident work visa which allows you to live in Australia permanently. Assured foreign-national skilled workers may be entitled to a Subclass 186 visa enduringly. Employer nomination scheme visa lets skilled employees, who are nominated by their company, live and work in Australia for as long as they want. Subclass 186 visa requires the applicant to complete a skills test and be nominated by an approved Australian employer to become eligible for this category of GSM visa.

ENS visas are available both to applicants who are already living and working in Australia as temporary inhabitants, besides those who are living outside Australia. And one and only first criteria for this GSM category is required a skilled individual who must be nominated by an Australian firm.