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Australia’s excellent human development index and leading quality of life make it the most desirable and livable country in the world. The country is a hub of personal and professional opportunities. It offers universal healthcare and an educational system, a pleasant environment and world-renowned scenery. All these factors attract many migrants and skilled workers to stay permanently in such a multicultural and open-minded country. Let’s have a look at the numerous benefits of permanent residency in Australia.

Allowed to live in Australia indefinitely

After getting permanent residency in Australia, you will get the right to live in the country indefinitely. Initially, you will grant 5 years that later can be changed into renewed an unlimited number of times. In case of an expiring 5-year grant period when living overseas then you can apply for and return on a resident return visa. It is a method of renewing your permanent residence.

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You can Sponsor family members

You can sponsor your family members on certain types of visas. However, you need to meet certain prescribed residence and income requirements to become eligible to sponsor. 

Allow to Enroll in Medicare

After getting permanent residency in Australia, you are eligible to enrol in Medicare to get the benefit of the all-inclusive Medicare health coverage. It covers free treatment at public hospitals, access to subsidized services and medicine, cheaper health insurance and bulk billing.

Eligible for social welfare scheme

Australian permanent residents of 2 years are eligible to access Australia’s social welfare system, Centrelink, providing social security payments and other aids associated with sickness and unemployment and study.

Get First Home Owner Grant

Australia permanent residents are provided with a grant of $10,000 under the First Home Owner Grant scheme when they apply to purchase their first house, apartment, unit or townhouse. The condition is the value of the home must be $750,000 or less. 

Higher education student loans

Permanent residents are eligible for the Higher Educations Loans Programs. Under these programs, you will have access to financial support as a loan if enrolled in a public university. You are allowed to ‘borrow’ the tuition fees and pay them back only once you have exceeded the compulsory repayment threshold of $46,620.

Clear Pathway to citizenship

If you are residing in Australia for four years including one year as a permanent resident of those years, then it will provide you with a clear pathway to Australian citizenship. As a citizen, you will get additional benefits like the right to vote, easy travel and re-entry, government and defence jobs, protection from deportation and access to one of the strongest passports in the world. The Australian passport is ranked as one of the most powerful passports that you can own after getting citizenship. It will allow you visa-free travel to approximately 181 countries.

Benefits to newborn children

Your newborn child will automatically acquire Australian citizenship by birth if you have permanent residency in Australia. Your child will get immediate access to all the above benefits and more.