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Why do you need a Migration and Career Consultant? 

There are many Migration and Career Consultant Australia agencies that have successfully provided assistance to students. Zodiac Migration and Career Consultant are also one of them. We have sent many students to their desired university. The main role of our overseas education consultant is to coordinate with both university/college and students in order to secure admission to that university/college.

Zodiac Migration and career consultants make sure that students will be clear about their career objectives. Students prefer to visit consultants to get the answers to different questions including which country, course, college, the university will be the right for them? So, students approach a professional to clear their doubts. 

Different services we deal in

At Zodiac migration and career consultant, we deal in different services including:

 Career Counseling

Counseling plays a vital role while you decide to study abroad. Career counseling at Zodiac Migration and career consultant shows you the right pathway that helps you to explore your career in the near future.  It is not an easy job for a student to select the right course as per their requirement from among the different available options. This is where the Migration Career Consultant Australia plays its role. We suggest the best university or college to students as per their educational background and profile. 

Admission guidance

After selecting the course, the next step comes admission. Our consultant helps you to apply for a course within the due date of college or university.  The students will be able to get information about different options available of colleges/universities they can choose among. The consultant also makes them aware of the fee structure, living costs in a particular country, admission processor, and value of different courses from a career point of view.

Accommodation guidance

When you land abroad, your first need is accommodation. Zodiac migration and career consultant also provides guidance to students about arranging accommodation in a foreign country.  We have tie-ups with universities or we also arrange you with the contact details of the students which they sent earlier for last intakes. As these students are already staying in that particular country, they can help the newcomers in a perfect way to arrange the accommodation.