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The visa and migration career consultant is a person who plays a vital role in the process of getting a visa to migrate to a country. He relocated internationally due to his job role. The job role of a career consultant is to make sure that the client will avoid any legal issues. Many issues can occur at the time when assisting a client to obtain visas and other documentation related to immigration. 

The purpose of immigrating can vary from person to people such as for study, work, travel, or business purposes. The registered agents provide legal services in the area of immigration law as decided by legislation. 

Responsibilities of an immigration consultant

A migration career consultant in Australia has to do many kinds of work. We will discuss some of them like:

  • The motive to increase the chances of being approved the visa
  • Make the client prepare for a VISA interview as per the profile of visa
  • Preparing the client’s application and documentation. Then do the proofreading to ensure that it is properly accurate and free from any error. 
  • Give information to the client regarding different available options to migrating to other countries including study visas, work visas, PR, family visas, and many more.

The process to become a professional migration career consultant 

Migrating to any other country is one of the most important decisions of any life. A registered migration career consultant in Australia helps the client to migrate to the country of their choice without any hassle. 

The Migration Act 1958 and its associated Regulations govern Agents’ registration requirements and Code of Conduct, while the profession itself is regulated by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). 

A person who wants to become a migrant consultant must be registered with OMARA unless he/she will count as an illegal agent. 

Eligibility criteria to become a Registered Migration Agent

  1. Should be completed the age of 18 years or over
  2. Need to get a National Police Certificate from the Australian Federal Police
  3. An Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen with a special category visa can only apply for RMA
  4. Must have a current legal practicing certificate issued by an Australian body or a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice
  5. Have proficiency with the English language
  6. Need to hold professional indemnity insurance during the period of registered agent
  7. Need to maintain own professional library 

 You should consider many things while you are thinking about starting your career as a migration career consultant in Australia. You need to register yourself with concerned authority to avoid any legal consequences.