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Have a dream of studying in Australia? So, the first thing you need to do is get an approved student visa to study in Australia. If you don’t know the reasons of rejection then the chances increase of study visa rejection. It is necessary to defend your visa to protect it from rejection. Let’s get familiar with the topmost responsible reasons for student visa rejection. 

Students fail to meet the genuine temporary entrant requirement

Students must have a clear plan for education in Australia to show them genuine and aspiring exchange students. You must pass the GTE test requirement to ensure your student visa program is intended for study. You will need to attach a written statement of purpose with your application. The personal circumstances of an applicant also play a vital role in the GTE requirements. If you fail to meet the GTE requirement then your study visa may be rejected. 

If can’t meet academic qualification

You must qualify as a student. This means you will need to have completed the required academic level to study further. What academic entry you require depends on the course, level of education, and university or institute you choose to study in Australia. Generally, entry requirements for different levels of study include English proficiency test scores, having an overseas equivalent to an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education for an undergraduate course and having completed an undergraduate degree for a postgraduate course. 

Insufficient funds

You need to meet certain financial requirements to get your study visa. So, you should have sufficient funds to show as money is one of the main reasons the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) refuses visa applications. As an international student, you must provide proper evidence to prove your ability to finance your studies in Australia. 

If you don’t have acceptable health, overseas student health cover or welfare arrangements

Before sending your student visa application, you should check out the Department of Home Affairs for required health examinations. You will have to go through some health checks to make sure you are physically well to continue your study in Australia. You must have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your stay. For under 18 age students, The Department of Home Affairs requires to have adequate welfare arrangements approved by their education provider.