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Before moving to Australia, as an international student, you do a lot of research. But sometimes you enroll on a course or institution that does not fit your requirements. In such a situation, you have the option to change course or institution. 

You have to follow some steps in order to change course or institution in Australia:

Find out a student adviser and book an appointment with them

First of all, you have to contact your course coordinator or a student adviser to know the different aspects of changing course or institution. You will come to know about different types of changes that you can make to your enrollment. Before making any changes to your enrollment, you should check with your institution policies. It is required to study at least six months at your current institution and before completing six months you have to obtain a “letter of Release’ from your institution.  

Check visa requirements

Visa you hold to study in Australia is the most important thing that needs to be considered to change course or institution. It is necessary to meet the requirements of your current visa. You can check the official website of the Australian immigration department. 

Consider your financial obligations

You should also have a look at financial obligations correlated with different conditions to avoid financial penalties. To get all things on track you should check the last dates for different events and fill up applications within the due date. If you do so then you will definitely get a full or partial refund.  

Decide on a new course or institution

The most important thing is to make a decision on a new course or institution. Make sure this time your choice meets your needs. Check the curriculum carefully of the new course to know whether it suited your abilities or not. Contact institutions to know the availability of the course. If you are changing institute then make sure the new institute has all facilities that you are looking for to study in Australia.