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Are you looking for a migration agent offering different immigration services? The process can become easy to choose the right migration agent if you know some tips. Let’s have a look at them.

Hire Agent Registered with MARA

First of all, you should confirm whether the migration agent is registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) or not. Because this office regulates all migration agents in Australia to make sure whether agents are in the proper position to offer migration assistance. The authorities check their knowledge of Australia’s immigration law and procedures. In case of any irregularities and unprofessional acts of agents, you can also report to MARA who can penalise them. So it’s very important to choose a registered migration agent.  

Check previous clients’ reviews

Try to reach out to previous clients to know their experience with the migration agent. Google reviews will give you the best idea about their services. After reading reviews, you will come to know the best things about agents as well as what issues you may face. Because companies can’t delete or modify their reviews, these reviews are free from company bias. Check the star rating of immigration consultants and consider that they have above 4 stars. It will give you an idea of their success rate.

Book appointment to meet the agent Face-to-Face

Many people skip the step of meeting with migration agents to save their time. But the meeting is important to ensure you are hiring the right migration agent for the job. During the meeting, you can ask them questions about their services. You can also consider online initial consultation if unable to physically meet the agent. Some migration agents offer free initial consultation while others charge some fees.

Hire experienced Migration Agent

Getting a visa is a very typical process. Only an experienced agent can understand the complex immigration system. You can even ask directly to migrate agents about working experience. If your migration agent is a lawyer as well then it will help you a lot to deal with the legal system and documentation.