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As you are planning to study in the USA , you must have valuable information about the education system of the country. Zodiac is best Study and career Abroad Consultants. It will help you to make the right decision. The USA is a favorite destination of students as the quality education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment and abundant opportunities.

Top courses to study in the USA

1.  Business and Management

2.  Engineering

3.  Mathematics and Computer Science

4.  Social Sciences

5.  Physical and Life Sciences

Study in the USA 2023 {Intakes}

There are multiple intakes offered in the USA education system. That’s –

1.      Fall intake (August to December).

2.      Spring intake (January to April).

3.      Summer intake (May to August){It is restricted to select colleges and courses }

Basic structure of Education System 

Associate degree2 years
Bachelor’s degree3 – 4 years
Master’s degree (Professional)1 – 3 years
Master’s degree (Academic)2 years
Doctorate or PhD5-8 years

Admission process Step-By-Step

1.      Select a course of your choice.

2.      Based on your scores and overall profile, shortlist colleges/universities.

3.      Check admission eligibility and requirements.

4.      Take the required tests.

5.      Prepare your LORs and SOP.

6.      Fill the application form.

7.      Wait for your acceptance letter from the colleges/universities.

8.      Deposit the fee.

9.  Apply for a visa.

Eligibility Criteria and exams 

1.      You need formal education of 16 years as a minimum requirement. 

2.      You will need to clear entrance tests like SAT, GMAT, GRE etc. (depending on the course you want to study in USA). You are also required to clear a language test like TOEFL(subject specific courses) and tests like PCAT, MCAT and DAT.

3.      You will need an impressive resume, a statement of purpose and minimum two strong letters of recommendation.

Cost of study in the USA 

Undergraduate coursesPostgraduate courses
$25,000 – $35000 per annum{public university}30,000 – $45,000 per annum.{private colleges} $20,000 – $35,000 per annum {public colleges}$35,000 – $50,000 per annum{private colleges}

Study visa requirements in the USA 

The primary thing to obtain is a student visa. There are 3 types of visas to choose according to the kind of course you want to pursue in the USA.

1.      F-1 student visa – To study at an accredited US college or university or if you want to study English at an English language institute.

2.      J-exchange visa – If you wish to participate in an exchange program in high school or university study.

3.      M-student visa – It is required for non-academic or vocational study in the USA.

Required Documents 

Below is a quick checklist of documents you need to keep with you for your US student visa process.

1.      A valid passport (valid at least six months beyond your stay in the USA)

2.      Your acceptance at an SEVP-approved school.

3.      Your Form I-20.

4.      SEVIS application fee payment.

5.      Non-immigrant visa application and confirmation page(Form DS-160).

6.      Your photograph in the required format.

7.      Academic documents like diplomas, degrees, and certificates.

8. Sufficient funds ensuring that you will be able to bear your living expenses during your stay in the USA. This will include documents like bank statements, financial undertaking by your sponsor, and scholarship details.

You will also be required to provide valid evidence that you will leave the country once your study program is over. You may have to appear for a personal interview at the US embassy.

Benefits of pursuing your study in the USA 

1.Most of the advanced universities in the world are situated in the USA.

2.The institutions have high academic standards and offer world-class education and research opportunities to its students for their better understanding.

3. In US universities educational programs is flexible, as you have the opportunity to customize your courses according to your interest and career aspirations. Until you decide your major at the end of your study.{Both in undergraduate and graduate programs}

4. American universities conduct orientation programs, workshops and training programs for their students along with a robust student support system.

5. You will be learning with students from different countries which will give you a new and  rich education experience. It will help you to be an individual who understands and respects diversity in terms of cuisines, customs, festivals and art.

6. The environment of the campus will make you feel at home and enrich your learning experience with new ideas.

Scholarships to study in the USA 2023

1.      Fulbright Scholarships USA

2.      Stanford University Scholarships

3.      Yale University Scholarships USA

4.      University of New Haven Scholarship

5.      University of Memphis Scholarships

6.      University of Minnesota Fellowship

7.      AAUW International Fellowship Program

8.      ACI Foundation Scholarship

9.      Onsi Sawiris Scholarship

10.  Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

11.  Clark Global Scholarship Program

12.  The HAAA Scholarship

13.  Treasure Scholarship at Boise State University

14.  Boston University Presidential Scholarship

15.  Berea College Scholarships

16.  Cornell University Financial Aid

17.  Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships

18.  Jeffersons Scholars Foundation National Fellowship

19.  University of Miami Stamps Scholarship

20.  University of Mississippi Scholarships