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You need a student visa if you want to study in the USA. In most cases, US visas are approved. If you fail to meet a certain requirement before or during your interview then it will cause visa rejection.Your embassy will explain to you the reason why your application for a student visa is rejected. Here are reasons that can break your break your dream to study in the USA.

Fail to provide proof of sufficient funds

You must have proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses for at least one academic year. Without providing proof of funds, your student visa will be denied. 

Failed to clarify your intent once your program ends

You have to convince and show proof to the visa officer to show your intent to leave the US after completing the course. Strongly mention the reasons to return to your home country like your business license or a letter from your employer, copies of recent pay stubs or proof of bank statements showing that you maintain accounts in your home country.

 Failed to pass the security check

If you have any criminal record, then it will make you ineligible for a US visa. 

Forget to bring all required documents to your interview

You have to bring your passport, receipts, and official visa-related documents at the time of the interview. Your failure to bring all required items may result in visa rejection. 

Late arrival at your interview

Your visa application can be rejected if you are late for your interview. So, it is better to leave home on time to reach the interview spot on time. 

You apply for a US student visa too late

It is advised to apply for a visa within a reasonable time before your program starts. This is because it will take time to proceed with your visa application. Your visa may not be available to you even after your program start date if you apply too late. 

So, it is advised to follow the steps carefully to get a visa to study in the USA. You can reach Zodiac Migration and Career Consultant to get more detail on your USA study visa.