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Australian Protection Visa


Australian Protection visa- suclass 866 is a permanent habitation visa. This visa is available to people who are too afraid to leave Australia and the reason behind that people feel uncomfortable to going their home and they will be harmed on their land. Subclass 866 visa is for individuals who are in Australia and want to apply for protection. This will let you stay in Australia permanently if you arrived on a valid visa and engage Australia’s protection responsibilities with meeting all other necessities under the Migration act 1958. This visa will allow you to stay and work in Australia with the complete protection. Visa holder also eligible for Australia's health care scheme and Centre link services. The candidate could include the application for a partner, your partner’s dependent children, and eligible relative.

Requirements of this Visa

There are few necessities of protection visa-subclass 866 to make you eligible lawfully. Visa holder need to complete the requirements of this visa.
  • The applicant is in Australia on a valid visa and not through illegitimate marine or unauthorized air arrival from another country.
  • The applicant must meet Australia’s protection obligations
  • The applicant has confirmation of being a refugee who is defined by the Refugee Convention or meet the Complementary Protection criteria in the Australian Migration Act 1958 for lawful arrival in Australia.
  • The applicant must not have been barricaded from lodging a Protection Visa application.
  • The applicant must reassure the minister that the purpose of getting the visa is in the national interest.
  • The applicant meet health and character requirements (documents of recent checkup and police verification document)

Benefits of the 866 Visa

Being a protection visa holder you can get benefits under the Australian migration act 1958. Visa holder could stay permanently in Australia with the permit of work. And as we know that The Protection 866 visa is for those immigrants who are seeking shelter because of the fear of discrimination and physical thread in their home country. These threads could be possible due to some valid reasons like war, Religious conviction, Nationality or Political Opinion. You need to give a valid reason at the time of application for an Australian protection visa. The Australian Migration act 1958 allows the subclass-866 visa holder to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident lawfully. It will also make you eligible to have access to Medicare and center link services as a permanent citizen.


866 Visa Processing Time

866 Visa Processing Time

Australian Protection visa- suclass 866 is a permanent residence visa and its processing time vary due to different criteria. Official aim to process 75 percent of applications within service standards, but the fact is that the actual processing times may vary depending on the different criteria of the applicant. This visa category has a very complex process. and obviously, it needs some time to verify all documents according to as per the reason was given at the time of application. The candidate could assist officials in finalizing their visa application by responding to any requests from their side in the specified time slot. Furthermore, to demonstrate that you meet one or more of the grounds for shelter in Australia. Visa holder must also pass the relevant identity, health and character checks which could affect the processing time. Make your documents ready and updated which should not have verified 6 months earlier.

How can Make Visas help you?

Demonstrating that the applicant is a refugee is often very difficult at the time of applying. The test for refugee status is future-focused completely. At the time of applying for the visa, it is considered that you face a real chance or risk of harm which will be assessed at the time the Department of Immigration possibly. It could not just by reference to what has happened to you before applying for the visa. Even though the applicant may have suffered a gross violation of your human rights in the past. It is necessary for you to show that you will still be at risk of further serious or significant harm in the future if you return to the homeland. This is serious that you have excellent legal representation to ensure that you have the best chance of success in Australia.

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