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One and foremost requirements for entering Australia for international students is a valid passport and a valid visa. If you want to study a course in Australia then you must have to go through the process of visa assessment in Australia. You need to obtain a visa matching your course. If you meet all requirements then you may get a visa within 24-48 hours. It may take quite a bit longer if there is any problem with documentation. 

Generally, all visa applications including education, employment, business, or PR, take several weeks to process and quite a bit longer too. If you understand exactly what you require or you hire an experienced agent to carry the process then it will reduce the processing time for a 500 student visa. You need to attach various documents with your visa application according to the level of your visa assessment in Australia. You need to take the service of a reputed translation agency to translate the documents into English if English is not your native language. 

It is the perception of many student visa immigration agents that if you start your visa process earlier then it will be better for you. But there is no hard and fast time for the student visa processing period. However, it is recommended to allow at least 12 weeks and understand the process exactly. It increase chances of having your visa granted by the time your course starts.

Following are some examples that will give you an idea of the processing time for a 500 Australian Student Visa.

  • It takes between 6 to 11 weeks to get school student visa application for Australia .
  • For the non Award educational sector, you may have your visa between 6 and 22 days.
  • An applicant for a postgraduate student’s 500 visas will get a visa between 7 and 11 weeks.
  • VET course take the longest processing time. It takes on average between 9 and 12 weeks for processing. 
  • If a student forgets to include any required document then the processing time will increase.