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To get an Australian visa, you have to commence a legal process that is prescribed by Australian immigration law. You must meet all eligibility criteria to get a visa. The time taken for the visa process depends on many factors. Generally, the visa process takes on average between 9 to 12 months to complete. 

To get a skilled migration visa you need to complete the following steps:

Accreditation of Studies and Work Experience

You first need to be accredited in your occupation as per Australian immigration rules. There are different accrediting bodies for different professionals. Visit the relevant professional association for your profession and trade. You will be issued a letter of accreditation.

Evidence of English Language

You have to take an English exam if you are a non-native speaker of English. It is an essential part of the visa process. The English exam like IELTS, PTE is used by the Australian Government. You have to qualify for four language skills including speaking, reading, writing, and listening. You have to obtain the minimum band to satisfy the basic requirements for the visa.

Lodge an Expression of Interest under Skill Select and be invited to apply for a visa

You have to formally express your interest in applying for the visa through SkillSelect on being accredited. After that, the Australian immigration department will invite you to apply for a visa. 

State Nomination Application

The next step is to apply for the nomination of a state government if you are applying for a state-nominated visa. Each state has its application procedures. The requirements are also different in each state. You have to generally wait for 1 to 4 weeks to receive a decision on your state nomination application.

Visa Application

In this step apply for your visa online. While applying you make sure that your visa application must include certified copies of all required certificates and important documents.

Medical Exams and Police Certificates

After you make the visa application, have a medical examination with a local doctor registered with the Australian Embassy. The Department of Immigration will also request you to provide a police certificate. You can obtain this certificate from the local police in those countries.