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New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand student visa is the key for more opportunities and a better future. New Zealand’s colleges and other educational institutes have one of best education systems in the world. They have a unique way of teaching and in the way hence attract the students from all around the world. New Zealand student visa guarantees the students for a perfect future with the unique educational programs it offers. New Zealand is known for the multicultural environment and beautiful places. This Nation openly invites the students to come and get themselves educated in world-class recognized universities. There are adequate of courses available in New Zealand and candidate could choose from academics to professional or vocation education. New Zealand is very much familiar with the term called "culture interchange" due to which they actually feel no difference in between.

A candidate could choose Study full-time at the course stated on your visa or choose study with a work visa. You could work part-time up to 20 hours a week while studying or full-time in the off days, depending on your visa terms. New Zealand Student Visa is normally for the same length of time as the study you’ve rewarded for.

New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

New Zealand Student Visa Requirements vary between study programs and levels, that have chosen. Applicant needs to meet a minimum English language proficiency score. Alongside with that, a minimum academic record of 65% and above in Class XII will be compulsory. Foundations and Diploma courses are available for students who have secured below 60%. This is important to note that these statistics are just for reference purpose only, the actual numbers may differ from university to university, which is dependent upon their criteria. The student needs to apply online and wait for the acceptance letter, which will help to get the study visa.

The subsequent documents also need to be submitted on time:
  • A Valid passport
  • Attested copies of all academic mark sheets
  • Confirmation letter from the enrolled university which should be approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • If you are a minor (under age of 18) then applicant required a written guarantee from an institution or person with stating that suitable accommodation is available to you in New .
  • Financial sufficient funds to live in the country
  • Latest photographs

How to Apply for New Zealand Student Visa

Get your student visa with the following easy process. Candidate needs to follow the procedure and receive a visa.
  • Apply for Admission in College/University
    New Zealand is a hub of existing hundreds of colleges and universities to choose among. Candidate needs to choose the course which universities offering. as well as, the best way is to conduct research on the websites of universities, and choose relevant courses and shortlist a few of them. Once you have decided then collect all documents with e-copy and apply for the admission. Also, submit the proof of English proficiency; and receive your offer letter which is the first step of the New Zealand student visa procedure.
  • Undertake Medical and PCC
    After receiving your offer letter from the institute, the candidate needs to undergo a medical examination by one of the doctors approved by the Immigration Department of New Zealand. Besides, a list of doctors approved by the panel can be found on the website of the immigration department. Also, submit the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from zonal Passport office or Deputy Commissioner of Police.
  • Visa Lodgement
    Submit your visa application for New Zealand student visa, and submit all required documents according to the checklist provided on the immigration website of New Zealand //
  • Fund Transfer Scheme
    FTS is known as very helpful for those students who want to study in New Zealand, but they do not have the funds older than six months. Under this scheme, the candidate need to transfer the living expense of one Year to a bank account (ANZ Bank) in New Zealand. the amount will be locked for twelve months and drip fed to the student on a pre-arranged base.
  • New Pathway Student Visa Pilot option:
    Are you looking for more than one program on one student visa in New Zealand? In that case, New Pathway Student Visa Pilot program is available to complete your dreams. The applicant could study three consecutive courses on the same visa, over a period of up to three successive years.

Cost for Student Visa


As we know that, New Zealand uses the New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) as their currency globally. The cost of A student visa is 295 NZD + Rs. 690 (roughly). You could not submit the fee as cash or by credit card. Candidate needs to submit fee through a bank cheque or a draft. It should have done before your interview for the visa application. Hope you have submitted all documents and meet all requirements before going for an interview. You could ask for help with our experienced agents and avoid any document related issues at the time of application. Zodiac Migration and Career Consultant is available for you to give a helping hand at the time of applying for student visa.