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If you are looking for the world’s leading education providers, then Australia is the right choice for you. Most of the international students from around the world come to Australia to receive higher education. It is a safe, welcoming, and supportive place to live, study and work in Australia. Let’s apply for a student visa to study in Australia. Now, let us discuss in detail the top courses/trades in Australia that will help you get a well-paid job, further leading to PR in Australia. 


If you complete an engineering degree from Australia then you will become eligible for various employment opportunities. In Australia, engineers are in demand in several areas. You can choose one engineering branch as per your interest from among different options including Agriculture, Civil, Software, Mechanical, Biomedical, structural, Aeronautical and environmental Engineering. 


Many international students are choosing accounting because of the rapid growth of this occupation in Australia. Students have multiple career options. You need to get a bachelor’s degree to become an accountant in Australia. If you complete a Masters in Professional Accounting then you will get more excellent career options including External Editor, Taxation or General Accountant, Corporate Treasurer, Management accountant, and many more.  


Australia has the highest and efficient healthcare industry. That’s the reason nursing is the most favourable occupation in Australia. Demand for skilled medical employees is increasing. If you have the nature to help others then nursing is the right career option for you.

Social Work

If you have an interest in working with underprivileged people and making a remarkable impact on the lives of others then you can choose a social work course to do. You will learn to provide support, advice, or help to reintegrate socially displaced individuals into society. You can choose social work options from among different options including health and welfare services, psychology, psychiatry, etc. After completing the course you can apply for community worker, social worker, family support worker, and welfare centre manager. 

Computer and Information Technology (IT)

IT professionals are needed everywhere in the world including Australia. If you have a degree from any Australian university in the IT profession then it will open doors to various career prospects and improve the chances of permanent residency in Australia.