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Looking for an Australian study visa, work visa or permanent residency visa but have no idea where to start. Don’t be upset. The solution is to hire a migration consultant to apply for a visa on your behalf. Visa is the first requirement to go to Australia. They will take care of all documentation processes needed to get any type of visa. The chances of visa application increase if you hire immigration and visa consultants to migrate to Australia. Now the question is how to choose the perfect migration company or consultant for yourself. Let’s discuss some tips that will help you to select the best migration agent for your journey to Australia. 

Avoid hiring sale/commission-driven agents

Never hire an immigration agent who asks you for money without confirming whether or not you are eligible to apply for a certain visa. Don’t sign any document or commit such sale/commission-driven agents. Such agents will make false promises of granted visas even if you do not meet the criteria. 

Hire a migration agent with experience

Immigration legislation and rules & regulations are always changing. An experienced agent will keep themselves updated with the latest immigration changes. To strengthen your visa application, you should hire an experienced migration agent. However, it will sometimes cost you more than hiring an inexperienced agent. 

Check out customers feedback

Knowing about the previous clients’ reviews about a particular consultant will help you to make the hiring decision. For this, you can check website testimonials or Google reviews. 

Hire registered migration agents

The migration agent that you are looking to hire must be registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). If you experience any wrong thing then you can easily report this to the MARA. Registered agents have a relevant authority to report to, follow a code of conduct and there is the continuous observation of their actions. Visit MARA’s official website to check whether a migration agent is registered or not.

Check out terms and conditions carefully

Every immigration consultant has some terms and conditions. Never sign any agreements without reading the terms & conditions carefully. Make sure that there are no hidden charges and not any clause in conditions that will hide the agents away from any blame.