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Have you recently experienced visa refusal? If yes, then you are surely looking for an immigration consultant to find a way to legally migrate and settle in Australia. You have many questions in mind like can I apply for a fresh visa application for a different visa or appeal to consider the same application again. 

Here are some basics that you can follow after your visa is denied by the Department of Home Affairs Australia. 

After visa refusal take required steps immediately

Whenever you get news about your visa cancellation, apply for a Bridging Visa E right away if you are currently in Australia. The reason is, after getting this visa you get time to make the arrangements for leaving Australia as well as give you time to apply for a limited group of visas. It is a short time and an emergency visa. You don’t need to pay any filing fee for a BVE application. 

In case you decide to take your cancellation case to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or seek ministerial intervention in your case after having been to AAT, then a BVE may also be issued. 

If not living in Australia then you can contact an experienced education and career consultant in Australia.  You can explore your options for filing an appeal or lodging a different type of visa application. 

What next options do you have after visa refusal?

You have two options- applying for a new visa or filing an appeal with the Department Of Immigration or AAT. Which option will be the best for you depends on the reason for your visa refusal or denial. For this you need to consider a migration agent or immigration lawyer. Your circumstances also decide which option will best fit you. 

To determine the best path for you, you can consult an experienced immigration consultant. They have a team of professionals to look into the matter.