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You may have many doubts when you think about applying for an Australian visa. Here we will discuss frequently asked questions about Australia visas that will help you to get answers to most of your queries.

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Do I Need a Visa for Australia?

If your home country is other than New Zealand then apply for a visa before traveling to Australia. For short-term visits to Australia, you can apply for eVisitor, or a visitor visa that depends on your nationality. In case of long-term purposes like studying, working, then you need to get the relevant visa. Australia has a different visa policy for New Zealanders as they are eligible for the special category visa (subclass 444) and can get a visa upon arrival.

Can I make Appeal after a Visa Refusal?

In case of Australian visa refusal, you can make an appeal to the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal to review the decision. The condition is you have to make appeal within 7 to 28 days after you receive your rejection letter. You are eligible for an appeal or not, you will let you know this by visa rejection letter. 

How Long Is the Processing Time for an Australian Visa?

It depends on visa type, how long is the processing time. If you are applying for tourist stream visa then there is chance that your visa application will be processed within a few weeks to a maximum of 4 months. For long-term visa applications it may take several months to more than a year. 

Do I Have to Provide Biometrics For my Visa Application?

Yes, you have to submit your biometrics, visa picture and fingerprints if you apply for a visa for which biometrics are mandatory, and if applying from a country from which biometrics are mandatory. 

Do I Need Travel Health Insurance for Australia?

You are required to have travel health insurance coverage for Australia if applying for long-term visas. You can escape it for visitor visas but the Australian government strongly advises travellers to do so.

How Long Can I Stay in Australia With a Valid Visa?

It depends on your circumstances that for how long you can stay in Australia with a valid visa. In case of Australia tourist visa or for other short-term purposes, you can stay for up to three months. Long-term visas like work, study, and others are issued from a few months for up to five years.