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Is it possible to extend my Australian visa? Yes, it is possible. However, it depends on the visa type that you have and the purpose of the extension. Generally, people visit Australia for study, business, as tourists and work. Australia provides an option for visitors to stay for long in some specific circumstances. You can contact immigration and visa consultants to know the detailed process of visa extension.

Eligibility criteria for Australia Visa Extension?

Would you like to stay longer than your original visa allowed you? If yes, then you have to apply for a new visa or a further visa of the same kind. There are some terms and conditions that you have to fulfil to get a visa extension. If you are having a visa with a ‘No further stay’ condition then it is not possible to apply for a new visa during your stay in Australia.

In such conditions, you have to leave Australia before expiring the visa. Under which category you can apply for visa extension depends on your current visa type. For example, if you are an Australian 457 Independent Executive Visa holder then you can apply for a Business visa extension. This type of visa is called a Temporary Business Entry Visa. The motive of this visa extension is to facilitate businessmen who are currently legitimately in business and need more time to apply for permanent residence. 

The conditions to apply for Australia Visa Extension

If you are holding a valid Australian visa then you can reach any Australian immigration agency to apply for a visa extension. You should apply for a visa extension at least two weeks before your current visa expires. The Australian embassy will grant you a new visa only in the following circumstances such as:

  • If you are having visa sub classes including ETA visa 601, E-Visitor visa subclass 651 or Visa subclass 600 tourist visa. 
  • You have a genuine current visa and met all the conditions of it. 
  • The purpose of visa extension is tourism to explore more Australia 
  • Visa extension needed but not for work purposes
  • Have no issue meeting the eligibility criteria, and
  • You do not have a ‘No Further Stay’ on your visa