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Required Fees for Australian Student Visa

Fees for an Australian student visa is reviewed every year, currently, it is Aus$620. Some aspects are related to fees such as;

  • Your application fee is non-refundable if your application for a study visa Australia is refused or rejected because of any reason.
  • The conversion into your home country’s currency is based on the current conversion rate that keeps on changing. 
  • The fee for visa applications is reviewed every year. 

Extension of Australia Student Visa

A study visa Australia is a temporary visa. It allows the student to stay in Australia for a specified period to study at a recognized Australian educational institution. You can extend your student visa in certain circumstances. 

Note that before the expiry of your existing visa, you will have to lodge a new visa application to extend your visa. If you fail to apply for an extension within the due date of your current visa then, in this case, you have to contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection immediately. You may be imposed an exclusion period if your visa has expired for more than 28 days. In this situation, you are not allowed to return to Australia for three years. 

You can apply for extending your visa in the following cases:

  • If your course is not completed because of any reason
  • If you have to submit your postgraduate research thesis
  • If you wish to study a new course in Australia

are your visa extension application meets the eligibility criteria then your visa may be further extended for the requested duration.

Things to consider while applying for an Australian student visa.

You should be careful while applying for a study visa in Australia. You need to remember the following facts:


  • Apply for a student visa at least 4 weeks in advance so that the application procedure will be completed on time and you can join your course timely. 
  • Keep in mind that if you are applying online then you are allowed to apply for a visa a maximum of 124 days before your course starts. 
  • Be alert while filling your visa application form. All details must be accurate as per your original documents. 
  • Along with your visa application form, attach all the required supporting documents.
  • Avoid hiding facts in your visa application