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Nursing is a rewarding career option in Australia. The field of nursing is growing. A diploma in nursing helps you launch your career in an industry where you will make a positive contribution to the community. There are a lot of career opportunities for diploma of nursing in Australia. On completing the course you will acquire the skills, competencies and knowledge to apply for registration as an Enrolled Nurse with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority.

Varieties of career opportunities 

There are numerous benefits of doing a diploma in nursing. It is a 2 years duration programme. Nursing diploma is getting popular among the students. Apply for career opportunities in a variety of fields including public or private hospitals to private nursing or community health care facilities. After completing the diploma of nursing, you can apply under different career opportunities including:

Aged Care Nurse

You can apply to be an aged care nurse after completing the course. Your task will be assisting aged patients, providing support and personal care with eating, dressing, bathing & toileting, maintaining their health conditions, promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviours, and offering support and assessment tools needed to manage their health problems. You must have a respectful, empathetic, and positively assertive approach to understand the patient’s needs.

Palliative Care Nurse

Where can you apply as a palliative care nurse? You are eligible to work in different settings including hospitals, community and aged care facilities. Your responsibility is to provide support and daily care to people who are experiencing severe or complex symptoms related to life-limiting or terminal illnesses. You have to create a comfortable environment for treatment and monitoring patients’ health conditions.

Rehabilitation Nurse

Working as a rehabilitation nurse is a highly specialised field. You have to assist patients with a disability or suffering from any chronic disease. You are responsible to help them in recovering and performing essential activities of daily living and making them ready to live their life fully.  

Mental Health Nurse

Start your career as a mental health nurse today. Treat patients suffering from a range of mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, psychosis and bipolar disorder. Your responsiblilty for providing medical, psychological support, monitoring mood disturbances, and encouraging people to live a better quality of life.