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The Australian business visa is a great pathway for business owners, senior executives, and investors to conduct their business opportunities in Australia. 

There are two major avenues provided by Australia to enter including:

  • Provisional Visa holder

This type of visa rendering you eligible for permanent residency in Australia once you have established your business in the country. 

  • Direct permanent residence

This visa is for applicants who are sponsored by a State or Territory government. This visa is referred to as the Business Talent Visa. 

Business Skills Program in Australia

The business skills program is further subdivided into 4 different categories, such as: 

  1. For owners or part owners of a business
  2. To a senior executive employee of a big business 
  3. For investors that can be individual or business owners who are willing to invest in Australia
  4. People who have obtained sponsorship from a State or Territory government because of their significant business history are eligible for an Australian business visa 

Stage 1

Temporary Business Visa

There are 5 eligibility streams for 188 business visa

  1. Business and Innovation Stream(188A Visa)
  2. Investor Stream(188B Visa)
  3. Significant Investor Stream(188C Visa )
  4. Premium Investor (Stream188D Visa)
  5. Entrepreneur Stream(188E Visa)

Stage 2 : 

Permanent Business visa :

888 Visa is a Permanent Business visa that allows the business owner to get the PR. It comes under Innovation And Investment category. 

Business Talent (Subclass 132) Visa

There are different categories and the number of visas available for businessmen if they want to settle in Australia by getting an Australian business visa. The condition is that you must be a legit businessman, only then you can take advantage of these different visas.  Qualifying for a business visa can be tough as requirements are quite stringent. There will be no problem in getting a visa if your business is established and legit. 

The processing time of the Australian Business Visa 

The authorities assess all business visa applications depending on the case. Usually, the processing time is quite high for each application. Different factors that influence the processing time are the following:

  • The application must be completed in all respects and all supporting documentation and evidence should be attached with the application
  • Depend on how much time an applicant takes to arrange the additional information required by authorities. I take more time then application processing time will automatically extend.
  • Depend on how much time the Department takes to respond and assess the information provided by the applicant and verify the submitted evidence. 
  • If the application is related to citizenship then the time period taken by the applicant to obtain a citizenship certificate.