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How are assessment levels determined for Australia student visa?

Let’s know about the different assessment levels for vocational, higher and postgraduate education sectors.  

There are five different levels of visa assessment programs. The levels are to bring the students into line as per the requirement of the immigration department. Different Australia visa assessment are there for different countries. Immigration risk is dependent on the assessment level. As assessment Level 1 signifies the lowest immigration risk and Assessment Level 5 the maximum. Students have to provide more evidence to support their claim at assessment level 5.

The immigration department considers every student visa application on their individual virtues. Assessment Levels make the process rational. It allows the department to deliver quick and efficient service to its applicants. It also maintains the integrity of Australia’s immigration program.

Australia visa assessment brings transparency in visa requirements and consistent decisions that is a crucial part of the student visa program. Assessment levels function as an objective measure to tackle immigration risk for each of these student groups. It is a key tool in determining visa requirements and facilitates consistency in decisions across this diverse range of visa applicants.

How to determine the Assessment Level?

There are different aspects that determine the Australia visa assessment level. If your passport is not listed then your profile will come under Assessment level 3. Your profile will come under assessment level 2 if your application is sponsored by AusAID or defence. If you are applying for a Subclass 576 then your profile also comes under assessment level 2.

There is a fix Assessment level for each country. It is based on the calculated immigration risk that is posed by students from that country studying in that education sector. The department examines that group’s fulfilment with their visa requirements and other immigration risk in previous year and other immigration risk in previous year. Applicants have to produce a higher level of proof to support their claims that they wish to study in Australia. 

If the students follow all the visa requirements then the immigration risk is lower. Their Australia visa assessment level is also lowered streamlining the visa process.