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An Australian spouse visa or Australian Partner Visa. The primary applicant i.e the Australian spouse must be either a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen. An Australia spouse visa lets your spouse (husband or wife) or your to be partner in future (fiance, in a committed relationship) immigrate to Australia.

Now the current visa legislation for partner visas allows people to apply for visa applications under two categories.

  • Permanent Parent Visa 
  • Temporary Parent Visa 

After the pandemic, Immigration rules have become more stricter and makes it harsh to even apply or renew for your own visa.

Parent Visa(Subclass 820- Temporary)

  • This is a temporary visa
  • It leads to the permanent Partner visa
  • You should be in Australia when you are applying


It remains temporarily till the time your permanent Partner visa (subclass 801) application will be finalized or you withdraw your application.


  • From AUD8,085 for most applicants
  • From AUD1,350 for Prospective Marriage visa 

Processing Time

  • 25% : 6 Months
  • 50% : 9 Months
  • 75% : 21 Months
  • 90% : 39 Months

Processing times update and all applications are appraised regularly. Complex cases may take more time to process. 

Partner visa (Subclass 801- Permanent)

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This a permanent visa
  • You must hold a temporary Partner visa.




You paid for this visa when you made your combined application for the temporary and permanent partner visas for Australia.

Processing Time

  • 25%  : 7 Months
  • 50%  : 9 Months
  • 75%  : 16 Months
  • 90%  : 23 Months

The processing time for a permanent Partner visa starts from the date of eligibility(2 years). 

Eligibility Requirements 

  • The relationship should be long-term and genuine.
  • You and your spouse should  live together on a permanent basis. 
  • You must have been in a spouse relationship for a minimum of 12 months or above.
  • Both should pass health and character criteria as well.

Time taken to obtain a Spouse Visa in Australia

Visa TypeProcessing time (75% of the application)Processing time (90% of the application)
309- Provisional Visa11 months15 months
100- Permanent Visa20 months23 months

Cost for Spouse Visa to Australia

From India: INR 4,20,857 Approximately 

Visa TypeDetails
Spouse OR De-facto Visa Application (Lodged outside of Australia – SC 309/100)Main applicant – $7,715Child over 18 years – $3,860 eachChild below 18 years – $1,935 each
Prospective Spouse Application (Lodged Outside Australia-Sc300)Main applicant – $7,715Child over 18 years – $3,860 eachChild below 18 years – $1,935 each
Spouse Or De Facto Visa application (Lodged Inside Australia-Sc820/801)Main applicant – $7,715Child over 18 years – $3,860 eachChild below 18 years – $1,935 each
Eligible Citizen Of  New Zealand Family Relationship Application (Sc461)Main applicant – $365Child over 18 years – $185 eachChild below 18 years – $90 each
Medical Examination$350 per adult and $300 per child
Police ChecksThe fee for this depends on the police authorities of your country.
Transition of DocumentsIf you have any person to translate your documents/ certificates.

How to apply for a Spouse Visa ?

Step 1: Prepare your documents 

You have to be prepared to vail every document, which enhances your immigration or visa process.

Step 2: Lodge your partner visa application for Australian 

After lodging the partner visa application you must pay the fees and keep the receipt for further reference.

Step 3: Obtain decision from the DHA

After placing the partner visa application, it takes several months for the DHA to decide on your visa application and you and your partner will be prepared for that.

Step 4: Wait and get approval

Once you obtain the approval from the DHA, you can now receive your visa and start moving on accordingly.