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Education System in Australia

Australia is a rich culture and vibrant economy provides a home to its international students in a safe and friendly environment. The level of education in Australia is a three-tier model comprises of eleven years of primary and secondary education and thereafter a tertiary education i.e graduation, post-graduation. The education system of Australia is explained as below:

  • Primary and secondary education level: This includes eleven years of education the primary and three years of high school.
  • Tertiary education level: This level includes:
    • Undergraduate courses: A student who has done their secondary education are eligible to opt for a bachelor’ or undergraduate degree. Apart from this undergraduate diplomas are also offered by many Australian universities.
    • Postgraduate courses: After doing the undergraduate degree students can enhance their professional and vocational skills bt undergoing a postgraduate degree.
    • Doctoral level courses: Doctoral degree is the highest level degree one can achieve, it takes three years to complete the course.
    • Other courses: Many Australian universities offer undergraduate diplomas, vocational diplomas, and etc.

Australian Qualifications Framework

Australian qualification framework is a system that assists and help the student to plan their learning and career. It consists of seventeen national qualifications. It is a worldwide plan for embracing and enhancing education in Australia. These frameworks cover all the aspects of educational qualifications. Australian qualification framework spans all the areas of education from schools to each university including TAFE, VET providers Etc. The main importance of Australian qualification framework covers are:

  • It focuses on the quality, variety and expansion of knowledge now as well as for the future.
  • Provides a framework for each level of qualification.
  • It allows a student to build a qualification from the lower level to a higher level.
  • It determines the student visa subclass for international students.
  • Improves the adaptability of scholars.
Australian Qualifications Framework

Impact of Australian Education

Impact of Australian Education

Rapidly changing and innovative education system has a great impact on life. Some of the areas affected by or having a great impact upon are:

  • Technology: With changing technology, the education system is also flourishing and Australia is always amongst the fewer countries in creating and adopting new innovations by its education and learning.
  • Health: Many candidates from all over the world migrate to Australia to study medicine because of its tremendous researches and technology.
  • Economy: More educated people more will be the earnings and more will be the GDP of the country. The economy will boom itself if more people are educated.