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If  you are looking for a guide that can provide a step by step process to how to become a level 2 registered nurse in  Australia. We can help! This guide will provide you all the information you should know before starting your career as a Nurse.

After reading this Blog, you will be on your way to learning how to become a level 2 registered nurse in Australia in no time! Zodiac Group is the best career consultants to Study in Australia. Good luck!

Requirements to Become a Level 2 Registered Nurse in Australia

Becoming a Level 2 Registered Nurse in Australia requires a lot of dedication and hard work. It is a rewarding career path with many benefits. It also requires meeting certain criteria to completing several steps. Requirements you need to fulfill:

1.   Education

level 2 registered nurses in Australia must have a nursing degree from a recognized institution and satisfy the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s registration with all the requirements.

2.   Qualifications

 An applicant for level 2 registrations must have one or more approved qualifications, all Australian equivalent to those required in their home country.

3.       Clinical Practice

Applicants must have fulfilled the requirements for a period of practice that is 400 hours of supervised clinical practice as part of their education.

4.   Professional References

All applicants should provide two professional references from current employers or colleagues to confirm their qualifications and history of their work.

5.   Professional Development

Level 2 registered nurses in Australia have to undergo regular professional development to maintain their registration and currency of practice to gain experience.

6.   English Language Proficiency

To be eligible for level 2 registration, applicants have to manifest sufficient proficiency in spoken and written English through the IELTS exam or other acceptable language proficiency tests.

7.   Criminal History

All applicants should declare their criminal history and any relevant court orders at the time of registration.

8.       Professional Indemnity Insurance

For Level 2 registered nurses in Australia you must hold professional indemnity insurance to protect themselves and their patients in the event of a legal dispute if any.

9.        Good Standing

Applicants must be of good character and demonstrate that they have the knowledge, values, and skills to practice as a nurse in Australia.

How Long it Takes to Finish the Necessary Education and Training?

Usually it takes about 3 years due to the required training and education. Firstly you have to obtain a qualification from an accredited nursing institution, such as a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, which is followed by practical hospital-based internships that allow students to gain the necessary experience working with the patients in a healthcare Surrounding.

How can one go from Becoming an Australian Registered Nurse to Registered Level 2 Nurse?

Firstly you should have the entry-level qualifications by completing a relevant bachelor’s degree program at an approved tertiary institution. The next step is working as an enrolled nurse and graduating with competencies which have been approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).

Finally, you must pass both the nursing component of the Clinical Simulation Examination and an examination on knowledge of Australian nursing law and professional conduct in order to officially call as a level 2 Registered Nurse in Australia.


For Anyone Who is looking to pursue a career in the medical field, becoming a Level 2 Registered Nurse in Australia is an essential step. Access to higher-level nursing positions, increased job security, and career progression opportunities are the main benefits. Other benefits are:

1.   Consistent Pay 

Level 2 registered nurses in Australia receive a consistent and good generous amount of salary which allows them to live comfortably and plan for their future ahead.

2.   Professional Growth

With the opportunity of constantly learning new skills, level 2 registered nurses have a strong chance of advancing their careers into higher-paid roles or specialties in the medical field.

3.   Flexible Hours

Level 2 registered nurses in Australia can often enjoy flexible working arrangements and a healthy work life balance being a plus point.

4.   Opportunities Abroad

Level 2 registered nurses can work overseas and gain experience. It allows them to travel while still earning a steady income.

5.   Access to State-of-the-Art Facilities

Level 2 registered nurses in Australia have access to the latest technologies and treatments which will allow them to stay up to date with the latest trends in healthcare. Zodiac Migration Career Consultant Adelaide can help you with the application. 

With the right qualifications and skills, anyone can become a level 2 registered nurse in Australia. Zodiac immigration and visa consultants will help you with all the required information. Don’t wait, Start your journey today!

Expert Tips For you

Becoming a Level 2 Registered Nurse requires a lot of hard work and determination. You can go through some expert tips, which we have outlined below:

1.   Start Career on the Right path

You should have the qualifications and experience that are required to become a Level 2 registered nurse. For that you need to complete an approved nursing qualification and meet registration requirements outlined by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).

2.   Become Familiar with CPD Requirements

How to apply for credits, and how to keep up-to-date with current trends in nursing, make sure you understand all the requirements for maintaining your registration.

3.   Keep Records of Your Clinical Experiences

As a registered nurse, you must have all the documents of your experiences in order to demonstrate competency at any step when needed.

4.   Must Have the Required Insurance

Level 2 registered nurses will need professional insurance to practice safely and lawfully. Make sure you have all the required covers before beginning any practice as a Level 2 registered nurse in Australia .

5.   Apply for Certification

Once you meet all the required qualifications then you just need to apply for certification from the NMBA.

Become a Level 2 registered nurse in Australia will take your career to a higher level. All the best to all the Future Level 2 registered nurses of Australia.