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The process of getting Australian partner/spouse visa quite complex and requires a lot of time and efforts. There is need of different documents as evidence to meet certain eligibility criteria. If you are primary applicant then you must have sufficient fund to support your partner during his/her stay in Australia. Here we will discuss different types of Australian partner visa and process of getting visa. 

Types of Australian partner visa

There are mainly two types of partner visa including temporary and permanent partner or spouse visa. The primary applicant that is the Australian spouse must be either a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or a citizen of New Zealand.

An Australia spouse visa allow your spouse that can be husband or wife or your de facto partner like fiance, in a committed relationship, immigrate to Australia. 

Temporary and Permanent Partner Visas are further subcategorized into six types.

How do you apply for a Partner Visa from your home country?

How you can move to Australia as a dependent? The pathway to move usually begins by applying for a Temporary Partner Visa first. Only after getting the temporary visa you can apply for permanent residence. Let’s discuss the process step by step. 

Step 1: Get your documents prepared

To proceed and enhance your immigration or visa application process, you have to prepare all required documents. Your immigration agent will let you know about the required documents and also help you you in  preparing them. 

Step 2: Lodge your Australian partner visa application

After preparing the documents and evidence, you need to lodge an online partner visa application. After lodging the partner visa application, next step to pay the fees. Don’t forget to keep the receipt. 

Step 3: Obtain decision from the DHA

Your part is done after lodging the application. Now Department of Home Affairs will decide on your visa application. The process can take several months to take action on your visa application. 

Step 4: Wait and get approval

You have to wait for the approval from the Department of Home Affairs. You will receive your visa only after obtaining the approval from the DHA. Keep moving according to guidance of your immigration agent. 

It is suggested to start with your application process at the earliest. Because the processing time of a spouse visa is usually a year or more 

before granted visa. So if you are planning to join your partner in Australia then it will be the best option to start process earliest as much you can. 

You can consult with a visa officer to get detailed knowledge of how to get started with your Australia partner visa application.