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People who hold legal resident status in a country or territory are called permanent residents. Such a person is not a citizen but has the right to reside in that country permanently. You have different options to immigrate to Australia like through family, employment, refugee or humanitarian status. You have more than 40 Australian Migrant visa options to work and live in Australia permanently. Here are right visas for you for permanent residency Australia.

Family-Based Permanent Residency

If any of your family members is an Australian citizen or has Australian permanent residency status then you can apply for a family-based permanent residency visa. You are eligible to immigrate to Australia. Relations like partners, fiance, children, and dependent relatives. 

Work-Based Permanent Residency

You can apply for work-based permanent residency. There are several safe paths to Australian permanent residency through the worker category including:

  • Employer-Sponsored Workers- If you have an employer in Australia to sponsor, you can apply for a sponsored visa. An Australian employer can sponsor a foreign national to work in Australia.
  • General Skilled Migration- Australian government offers general skilled migration visas for people who don’t have employer-sponsored but have skills. 
  • Skill select- If you have a skill that is in demand in Australia, then you can get a skill select visa. 
  • The profession in demand- If you are a professional doctor or nurse then permanent residency is available for you. 

Visa for New Zealanders 

If you are living in New Zealand then you have the option to live and work permanently in Australia. You do not need a permanent resident visa. New Zealand’s citizens are offered a temporary SCV visa but do not have the same rights as an Australian permanent resident or citizen. They can’t participate in elections, access student loans, join the Australian Defence Force and others. However, they can apply for Australian permanent resident visas as well as have the option to become Australian citizens. 

To select the right option for you, you can use the tool of the Australian Department of Home Affairs to get help.