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What is a partner visa for Australia? It is a type of visa that allows an applicant to be sponsored by their Australian spouse, de facto or interdependent partner. The person who is sponsoring must be either an Australian permanent resident, an Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen, aged over 18 years. A complete guide to partner visa australia.

How it works

To get a temporary or permanent visa, first, you have to complete an application to lodge it with the right bodies. If you meet the criteria after the assessment then you will get the Temporary Partner Visa without any delay. A temporary visa is valid until you will get a permanent visa. You will get a permanent Partner Visa even after two years if you are able to show proof that you and your partner have been married or in a relationship for a total of 3 years or perhaps more than that. You are allowed to work, and study and may be eligible for Medicare regardless of whether you have a temporary partner visa or permanent Partner visa.

Partner Visa Australia Requirements

  • When you apply for this Australian visa, you may be within Australia.
  • At the time of visa granted, you may be outside Australia.
  • You abide by all legal criteria stipulated under Australian law.
  • Even after two years of the temporary visa being handed to you, you can still meet legal criteria.
  • You have to pay for the visa costs and application process.
  • Health examinations are taking place as part of the process and you also need to pay fees for the medical check-up.
  • Police checks are also a necessary part of the process that takes place in your own country and you have to pay for this. 

Stages of Partner Visa 

To obtain a partner visa, there are two stages for applicants. First, you have to get a provisional partner visa, which is further categorized into two subclasses including 820 for onshore and subclass 309 for offshore applicants. You can stay in the country for a certain period of time after qualifying for the provisional partner visa. To meet the criteria of a permanent Partner visa, couples have to go through the assessment process again including subclass 801 visa for subclass 820 visa holders and subclass 100 visa for subclass 309 visa holders. 

Types of Partner Visas

Partner visa and spouse visa in Australia has various types. What type of visa is best suitable for you depends on your requirement and the criteria you are fulfilling. Let’s explore the three types of Partner visas provided by the Australian immigration agency. 

Prospective Marriage Visa ( Subclass 300)

This type of visa allows you to come to Australia to marry your prospective spouse and then apply for a Partner visa on this basis. This visa type is best suitable for those who are engaged to an Australian citizen or a permanent Australian resident or a person who is eligible to be a citizen of New Zealand. To obtain the visa the applicant must be living outside of Australia at the time of application. 

Partner Visa Offshore (Subclasses 309 and 100)

Partner Visa Offshore allows the partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to apply overseas and live in Australia. You can apply for temporary and permanent partner visas together.

 Partner Visa Onshore (Subclass 820/801)

Partner visa 820 is a Temporary Partner Visa and subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa. Onshore partner visa programs are the most popular de facto partner visa options. 

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