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Cost of Studying in USA

Cost of studying in USA is varying according to the courses offered by the different institutes. The institutes in USA are divided into two different categories which are public (State supported) and private (Independent). The course fee could vary depending upon the courses and Institute. Cost of studying in private institute is much higher as compared to State institute. A private Institutes fees vary between the $ 35,000- $18000, and on another hand, State institute fees varies between than $25000- $12000. Furthermore, the tuition fees vary according to the institute and as per the courses are taken by the student.

The tuition fee is different for altered universities and varies widely with courses enrolled for. It can vary from as low as $ 10000 a year for the state institution of higher education. This cost varies much as $ 35000 per annum for some private campuses. A candidate could contact the university directly for more specific details, please contact the campuses. As we know that The US is one of the world’s most popular destinations for higher education in Universities. Even though the initial pricing may cause a sharp intake of breath, and this is worth exploring all avenues of funding and financial aid before ruling the country.

Cost of Living in the USA

Cost of Living in USA

Cost of Living in USA varies according to your current location. As per the latest survey, approximate annual living expenses are about $10,000 to $13000 per person. This amount includes accommodation as well as other daily expenses for living. This includes your accommodation expenses, apartment, and board, food, travel, textbooks, weather appropriate clothing and entertainment expenses as well. Though, major expenses are different for altered people which depending on the lifestyles and food choice. It is just an approximation to make a plan.

These are the approximate range of costs that have been well thought-out while estimating the living expenses in USA. It could vary depending upon the personal choice and standard of living. If you choose the hostel rather than the personal accommodation than costs could vary for the individual.

  • education material costs- $500 to $1000/ annum
  • Travel costs within the US- $300 to $700/ annum
  • Accommodation varies (could vary depending upon the location)- $5000 to $7500/annum
  • Food (if you cook by own majorly)- $2500/ annum
  • education material costs- $500 to $1000/ annum Clothing’s and personal expenses- $2000 -$2500