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Family Sponsored Visa


The Australian immigration department has introduced family visa in Australia to bring family members together. Family visa has entitled partners, parents, children, and other family members to immigrate Australia on some conditions. The first criteria of this visa are sponsorship which should have done by Australian citizens, permanent residents of this country, and eligible New Zealand residents. Family Sponsored (Subclass 489) visa is a temporary visa which allows you and your family to stay, earn and study in regional Australia for four years of span. Furthermore, after two years in Australia, you can apply for a permanent visa to settle down in Australia. To become eligible for this visa applicant must be less than 45 years old and speak good English. Be endorsed in an occupation the Average and Longterm Considered Skills List.

Partner Category Visa

Partner category visa allowed your spouse or married partner to immigrate to Australia for a permanent stay. Applicants immigrating to this country with this visa are initially allowed temporary settlements followed by permanent residency after few years of the period. classification of visa is reliant upon the type of relationship between both of you at the time of applying. Nevertheless, Partner visa could categorize three major subsections for partner visa which has categorized further, Partner category visa has broadly divided into two categories which are Prospective Marriage visa and Partner visa. Although depending upon the relationship you should apply for the particular visa.

Subsequent are the categories of visas that correspond to applicant’s criteria:

  • Prospective Marriage visa- which categorized for your fiance- Envisioned marriage fiance
  • Partner visa- which is applicable after marriage only
  • Partner visa- Partner relationship which including same-gender marriage too

Parent Visa


The Australian government has offered parent visa for those applicants who have eligible child/ children stay in this country as an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand legitimately. The family visa immigration in Australia is mandatorily sponsored by children who are citizen or resident of Australia. This visa has issued for both employed and old aged category. Candidates arriving on this visa option might take up employment in the country lawfully. Limited Parent visas initially are offered for the temporary visa which could be changed to a permanent visa after meeting the criteria. And if you want a faster process in immigration then At hand, here is an option for 'Contributory Parent Visa' which assures faster processing of immigration at a greater charge.

Australian immigration authorities issue the limited number of visa every year. Consequently, there is a queue of application and you may have to wait for your appointment with officials.

Child Visa

Child visa has many other categories like the other visa applications by sponsorship. the sponsor of a child visa which should be done by a parent who is permanently settled in Australia or a citizen of this country, or a qualified New Zealand resident. And if child concerned is in Australia then he/ she could immigrate as a permanent resident of Australia. Or in some case Immigration also possible as the dependent child or orphaned relative with relevant document. Although, the apprehensive child is an offshore candidate any category could obtain visas like dependent child visa, adoption visa, or orphaned relative visa.

There is health certificate also necessary at the time of application by the authorized healthcare department.

child visa

Other Family Members


Other family members visa allowed to sponsor the visa of your family members like the Brothers, sisters, dependent relatives. Visa holder will get the temporary visa for immigrating to Australia initially then later changeable to a permanent visa under completion of criteria. These family visas in Australia should sponsor by i) Australian citizens ii) A permanent resident of this country iii) Eligible New Zealand inhabitants.

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