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Canada Provincial Nominee Program List

Canada Provincial Nominee Programs are the immigration programs, which are the benefits for both candidate and Provinces. PNP allows the different Provinces to select their immigrants according to the need of their economy. Candidates who want to immigrate in these provinces then this program is the best option for them. And every Province has its own selection criteria, so candidate need to check their required list for easy process.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program List is given below:

Canada Provincial Nominee Program List
  • Alberta Nominee Program
  • British Columbia Nominee Program
  • Manitoba Nominee Program
  • New Brunswick Nominee Program
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Nominee Program
  • Northwest Territories Nominee Program
  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program
  • Ontario Nominee Program
  • Prince Edward Island Nominee Program
  • Saskatchewan Nominee Program
  • Yukon Nominee Program

How to Get an Express Entry Canada Provincial Nominee Program Nomination

The express entry category of PNP has aligned with the federal express entry system for immigration. Under this category, Canadian Provinces are allowed to select the immigrant from express entry pool, which follows the process by checking the application and notify them to apply in their PNP. In this process Province select the candidate according to their economy requirements. Furthermore, if the candidate gets selected then, he/she become eligible to get the provincial nomination. And candidate will receive the additional 600 CRS points in Federal express entry system for Canada immigration. These additional points will make sure that the ITA for Canada PR from IRCC.

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How to Get an Express Entry Canada Provincial Nominee Program Nomination

Increased Value of PNP Canada Nominations

Increased Value of PNP Canada Nominations

As per the update made by the IRCC in November 2016 regarding increased Value of PNP Canada Nominations, a nomination certificate has become a valuable factor in immigration. In the case, the candidate is applying for an Express Entry Program then nomination certificate could increase the value of CRS points 600 points for his permanent residency. As we know that, The Canadian government is placing accumulative prominence on provincial nomination programs. That will help to attract economic immigrants who meet specific regional manpower market requirements.

The achievement of provincial programs, it helps Canada’s provinces and territories to accomplish their own immigration category. For example, Ottawa will expand the PNP allocation by 33 percent between now and 2020 to boost their economy.