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Different Ways of Canada Immigration

You have to follow many steps if you want to apply and get visa approval for Canadian immigration. The process can take a few months and even a few years in some cases. It all depends on your profile. It’s important to collect information about different options that are available for you. It can help you in improving your chances of getting success and getting a visa without any hassle & frustration. There are different ways to immigrate to Canada through permanent residence, working, visiting, and even studying in Canada.

Express Entry Program

If you are a skilled worker then you can apply under the express entry program of the Canada immigration. It allows immigrants to live and work in Canada. Canadian immigration introduced a new system to make the process easy. If you are skilled or have the relevant qualifications under federal economic immigration programs then Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) are allowed to proactively recruit, assess, and select you. The following are different programs you can apply under:

  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Individual provinces and territories are also free to adopt this system to meet the market labor demand.

LMIA Work Visa

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) work visa can lead to Canadian permanent residence. During the process, the applicants first get Canadian job offers and apply for a work visa for migrating to Canada. Through Service Canada, employers can apply for LMIA. When the LMIA is approved by the authority then the applicant applies for the work permit.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

The PNP is also getting popular as a way of Canadian immigration. To apply under this program you require a job offer from a Canadian employer.

Canadian Investor Immigration

Canadian investor immigration allows experienced business people who have a high net worth and make a large investment in an approved investment fund for 5 years, to invest in the Canadian economy. The main two investor programs are in Canada named: The Federal Investor Program and the Quebec program.