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Education System in Canada

People who study in Canada develop the strength of making healthy choices in life and contribute disproportionately towards the national economy, growth, productivity, and business innovation. The Canadian education comprises three levels - the First level is known as the elementary level, the second one is the secondary level and the third is the post-secondary level. The beginning of a successful career is a good qualification from a reputed organization where education is honored and a high level of standards are maintained. The Canadian education system is considered as one of the top education destinations of the world which focuses on the overall development of the student. Education is called-for in all states in Canada up to the age of 16 years except Ontario and New Brunswick where the requisite age is 18 years.

Qualifications offered

Canada is attracting immigrants from around the world for education because of the level of study courses Canadian universities are offering to international students. Canada offers top-grade education to its student need in the real-world knowledge and development. The qualification offers in Canada include a variety of courses in different subjects obtainable for many industries exclusively on the desired basis. There are different courses offered to international students according to their preference in the subject as well as time i.e. evening and morning courses.


Test Requirements

Test Requirements canada

Test RequirementsThere are many rules governing Canadian immigration that vary from year to year but from the past few years, the basic requirement for study in Canada is the IELTS or TOEFL. There are many other tests for the scholar. The score for these test varies according to the course opted and college in which student has applied. Apart from IELTS ( International English language testing system) and TOEFL ( Test of English as a foreign language), there is the below-mentioned test:

  • SAT: SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. This test is required for the student opting for an undergraduate program.
  • GRE: Graduate record examination is an acronym for GRE and this test is pre-requisite for a candidate seeking for a postgraduate course.
  • GMAT: GMAT is a computer adaptive test and stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is generally for management students opting for postgraduate program in management.